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महिला शक्ति प्रतिष्ठान
Mahila Shakti Pratishthan
We have formulated a group of 1000 women for Handicraft with our organization. Now we will train them and then will arrange exhibitions at various places in and around Maharashtra.
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Awareness Programs

Awareness programs in Education, Health, Formation of SHGs

The provision of educational opportunities for women has been an important part of the national endeavor in the field of education since India's Independence. Though these endeavors did yield significant results, gender disparity persists with uncompromising tenacity, more so in the rural areas and among the disadvantaged communities. This is not only a matter of national anxiety and concern but also a matter of national conscience. Total awareness progems launched on making efforts to: -

  • Create an environment where women demand knowledge and information, empowering themselves to change their lives.
  • Inculcate in women the confidence that change is possible, if women work collectively.
  • Spread the message that education of women is a pre-condition for fighting against their oppression.
  • Highlight the plight of the girl child and stress the need for Universalisation of elementary education as a way of addressing the issue.

Some of the significant ways in which the awareness progems have contributed to the promotion of female literacy and women's empowerment are as follows:-


Awareness programs have heightened social awareness among women regarding the importance of education, both for themselves as well as for their children. Large numbers of women have been participating whole-heartedly in the literacy campaigns as learners and volunteers. Because of the campaign mode and creation of a positive environment for literacy, women receive a social sanction to participate in the literacy programs. As women came out of their homes and take part in the campaigns with great enthusiasm, they acquire a heightened sense of self-awareness and desire to gain knowledge of host of women's issues.


The awareness program have also motivated and encouraged women learners to educate their children, particularly girls by enrolling them in formal schools. The confidence of the girls, as they perform drill or play football, is the result of the awareness among neo-literate parents that girls need to be educated and outgoing. The need to provide equal opportunity to both girls and boys has also had effect of generating greater demand for the quantity to both girls and boys has also had effect of generating greater demand for the quantity and quality of primary schooling.


The literacy classes conducted under awareness programs have given women as opportunity to break the isolation which is socially structured into their lives, giving them a chance to meet other women and learn collectively- rather than learn singly as individuals. The newly acquired awareness have enhanced their ability to solve family problems and learn new skills. Women are communicating how they have started feeling more confident, how their articulation has improved, how they have become more discerning and how they have learnt to function autonomously.


Total awareness programs on education have provided illiterate adult women, who have been denied access to formal schooling, with a great opportunity for reading, writing, increasing awareness levels and skills training. Literacy campaigns have thus actively promoted gender equity and have sought to empower them as to decision making about themselves, their families and their communities. The impact of literacy on womens life has often been dramatic.


Awareness prohrams have played a significant role in improving the status of women within their own families. Whereas traditionally, women have little say in the family decision making, they, through participation in literacy programs, have begun to express their newly found self-belief in having say both within and without the family.


Another area in which women's equality has shown a major improvement as a result of awareness programs in education is the area of enrolment of boys and girls in schools. As a result of higher participation of women in literacy campaigns, the gender gap in literacy levels is gradually getting reduced. Even more significant is the fact that disparity in enrolment of boys and girls in neo-literate households is much lowered compared to the non-literate householders.


Participation of women in awareness programs has opened several opportunities for neo-literate women to step out of the households and involve themselves in some enterprise or a new vocation.


In almost all the areas, the awareness programs on formimg SHGs

have gone beyond the transaction of mere awareness skills and have served to enhance knowledge and skills for better management of expenditure and improving earning capacities. In several areas, the women have begun to set aside their earnings not only in regular banks but also in specially and newly formed SHGs


Awareness programs on helath in most areas have taken up health and hygiene issues as an integral component. The programs have helped to spread knowledge about health care and nutrition, thereby enabling mothers to keep their family in better health and to care better for their children. These campaigns have also disseminated information for creating awareness about problems of early marriage, spacing and small family norms.

All such awareness programs we held at Aundh, Naigaon, Sortapwadi, Manjari, Hadapsar, Loni Kalbhor, Theur.

Small loans to women to develop own income generation activity at very low rate of interest and without any collateral security at their doorstep.
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