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महिला शक्ति प्रतिष्ठान
Mahila Shakti Pratishthan
Vocational Training
The unit was set up in February 2004 to give employment opportunities to adolescent girls through means of livelihood.
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Mahila Shakti Pratishthan is established with the main object of charitable purposes for the benefit of public in general and not with any intention of profit. Its objects involve establishment of welfare centers for women, destitute under privileged and socio-economically week and backward community which include Schedule castes, Tribes and down-trodden people. One of the dominant objects of the organization is to maintain medical and health centers for rendering medical services and to channel humanitarian aid through all kinds of medical treatment as a means of furthering its purpose and object. The emerging role of the organization in relation to medical services poses various problems, as the existing unit cannot provide the requisite numbers of beds for patients or ailing persons exclusively for the women and children below 12 years. There is lack of modern equipments, accessories or special devices for medical treatment and is hardly any laboratory equipped with computer based technology or equipments in the field of pathology and bio-science. Thus the organization aims at achieving a long felt need for a comprehensive medical and health care center and hospital. The impact of this project will be put to use for the benefit of poor, destitute, backward and down-trodden classes of the society in rural & tribal areas of the schedule location exclusively for the women and children below 12 years of age within the district of Sangli, Satara and Pune in Maharashtra State. Both medical center and hospital under the scheme shall be established at the existing site covering diverse fields such as Pathology and Histopathology, X-Ray, EEG, MRI, CT-Scan, Ultrasonography, Echo-cardiography.

For long, need has been felt to provide healthcare facilities in a broader way to the poor, down troddens, dalits, whose access to medical facilities are limited owing to lack of healthcare infrastucture in the area.

Mahila Shakti Pratishthan is undertaking a project of Old Age Home+ 100-bedded

Multi speciality hospital for the under previledged.


Cancer is a dreaded disease. In recent years it has become a very common problem in India. For example, half a million new cases are recorded every year. There are 70 million cancer cases in the world out of which 7 million are detected in India. 125 cases pre-existing and new, are recorded every day in various centers. The study and survey proposed will in particular to cover urban, urban rural and rural areas in and around the area. The survey is suggested under the headings, age, sex, diet, education, surroundings, habits and complaints in the age group of 35 to 60 years in particular will be carefully surveyed to look for incidence of cancer cervix. We have a target of 3000 - 5000 population yearly. It shall be an ongoing continuous process and Mahila Shakti Pratishthan desires to participate in various other areas in various rural, semi-urban and urban areas.

Vocational Training, Non formal Education in Rural Areas, Personality Development.
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