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महिला शक्ति प्रतिष्ठान
Mahila Shakti Pratishthan
Medical Camps, Mobile Dispensary, Cancer detection camps, HIV/AIDS awareness programs.
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Hospital, Old Age Home And Orphanage Centre

The location fixed for Hospital, Old Age Home And Orphanage Centre is at a village BHUTONDI, in Velha Taluka of Pune district. It is 55 kms from Pune city. The place is at the foot of historic fort Rajgad, which is being developed by M.T.D.C. as a Tourist Resort. The location is also in the midst of Torana Fort and Shivthar Ghal.


At present there is a Naturopathy Centre.

The place we have selected is not far away from the city, but have very rich in Nature Beauty. No city hustles are there. Here anybody can enjoy their stay as inmate of Old Age Home or patient in our Ayurvedic Hospital. For fruits and vegetables we will not depend on outside supplier. Each and everything we can plant here. The area is rich in medicinal plants like Shatavari, Amla, Vavding, Adulsa, Ashwagandha etc. There is no greater pleasure than eating home grown fruits, vegetable and having Ayurvedic medicines.
Nature here will play a great role in diminishing the loneliness of seniors in our old age home and orphanage. The people coming here for treatment will get fresh and pure air. Nature will work hand-in-hand with the medicines.

The projects taking place here are:

  1. Old Age Home for 100 inmates. Any male/female besides their caste and creed.

Above the age of 60. The capacity of inmates will be 100

  1. Orphanage. Children from the age of 5 to 15. The capacity of inmates will be 50
  2. Ayurvedic Hospital having all Ayurvedic Treatments. 60 Treatment rooms having all facilities.
  3. Production of Ayurvedic Medicines

As old age home and orphanage is in one premises. The seniors will get the intimacy of their grand sons and daughters, and the orphans will get the love, affection, sanskars and blessings from the seniors. The mental hunger of the relation between grand parents and grand children will be fulfilled here. And that’s what we want to do here. That love bond will give GREAT  PLEASURE to each other and to us also.

Your valuable donations will be highly appreciated.
Donations are exempted against 80G of Income Tax.

Vocational Training
The unit was set up in February 2004 to give employment opportunities to adolescent girls through means of livelihood.
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